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Citizens united to Take a Break from Brexit

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

We are a group of citizens who support the call to Take a Break from Brexit to postpone the Brexit date. This campaign will run parliamentary petition urging the UK Parliament to request an extension of Article 50 which would grant us more time to discuss and vote on what to make of Brexit.

We are EU citizens living in the UK, UK citizens living across the EU, and UK citizens who were between 16 and 18 years old at the time of the Brexit referendum. Just a handful of us were allowed to vote. We respect the choice of all those who could vote and we recognise the democratic outcome of the vote.

In less than four months, the UK is scheduled to exit the EU. Article 50 requires the UK government signing a deal with the EU before 29th March 2019, or leave with No Deal. The withdrawal agreement is one of the most consequential decisions for the present generation and those to come. It will directly affect the lives of millions of EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU, with unpredictable ramifications for all involved. Although it has now been endorsed by the 27 EU member states, the government suffered significant resignations over it, and it is widely criticised within the parties supporting the government and vehemently opposed by all the other parties.

Much of the confusion and the division that we are seeing in the Brexit debate are due to the duress of an arbitrary deadline which has effectively stifled debate. No one really needs to finalise Brexit on the 29 March 2019. An extension of Article 50 would first and foremost allow more time for an inclusive democratic discussion on the main issues, with more facts and much clearer options, bringing together leavers, remainers and people who, like many of us, were not allowed to vote. It would also allow more time for the people in the UK to democratically decide the best way forward.

This is why we think we should collectively Take a Break from Brexit and postpone the Brexit deadline (as allowed by Article 50 that can be revoked unilaterally by the seceding country).  We would like to ask for a significant and sensible extension which will provide sufficient time for a democratic discussion and a true national debate on Brexit.

Please support our Facebook page and our crowdfunding campaign. We will welcome everyone who wants to join us, whether a Leaver or a Remainer, British or non British European, conservative or progressive. Neither the flaws of the EU, nor those of the UK will be tackled by rushing this historical decision.

Karine Deslandes

Marko Dimac

Nishan Dzhingozyan

Stephane Goldstein

Juuso Järviniemi

Karolina Kraujelyte

Bella Kosmala

Agnieszka Kuziemkowska

Mevhibe Hocaoglu

Jelena Lecic

Joe Lewis

Jeanine Lenselink

Paulius Mackela

Aine McNamara

Jack Franco

Marii Paskov

Andrea Pisauro

Juliet Sen

Giulia Sirigu

Dimitri Scarlato

Sérgio Tavares

Jennifer Wells

Cees Willems

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