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DiEM25 overwhelmingly backs Take a Break from Brexit

We are delighted to announce that the Diem25.official has decided to back Take a Break from Brexit!

Last week DiEM25 started an internal consultation asking its members to support Take a Break from Brexit. They announced the results today; more than 80% of DiEM25 members voted in favour of this proposal.

DiEM25 decided to support the extension of Article 50 in order to trigger a general election and get rid of the current governments terrible Brexit plan.

DiEM25 brings to the campaign a network of more than 70 thousand members throughout Europe and is led by Yanis Varoufakis, former Greek finance minister and economist. Varoufakis led a powerful campaign in the UK at the time of the referendum, fighting to stay in the EU, against this EU.

Together with the first pan-European democratic movement we are now ready to campaign for an extension of article 50 and to get rid of a government, which functions on the limiting principle that the British public has only two options: May’s bad deal or a catastrophic no deal.

We will nevertheless remain welcoming to all voices calling for an extension of Article 50. When push comes to shove and the only options on the table remain to be May’s bad deal or No Deal, we need to stand united to avoid disaster.

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