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Extension first, General Election later

The country is undeniably divided over Brexit. However it is united in a desire for a better funded and functioning NHS, safer streets, fairer treatment of the vulnerable, better opportunities for all, the distribution of the country's enormous wealth to the people who create it, and a cleaner, greener and more peaceful planet.

We cannot allow Johnson's war on wages, rights, public services and the planet, to be bundled with a misleading narrative on Brexit to create a mandate that does not exist. That is why it is a vital priority to secure a significant extension of article 50 and eliminate the immediate threat of a no deal Trump Brexit. We must only then have a General Election that finds and fosters our unity and not entrenches division and hatred.

A new extension is a fundamental step to allow a real discussion about Brexit and our Constitution. A discussion which will only start with a General Election and should continue with a refreshing People’s Debate on how to renew and energise our democratic system.

This is why one of the first tasks of a new government is to allow the citizens of this country to say what should happen now on Brexit. In a process with a clear timeframe, legitimacy and route to legislation, that will allow genuine compromise and discussion ending the polarising process of agonising incremental extensions, sponsored by Tory-intransigence and desperate self-preservation. What a 'good deal' should mean and how, and if, a new referendum should be organised should be decided by a rolling program of Citizen's Assemblies bridging the regions and nations of the UK.

The people must be allowed to deliberate on the vision of the society it wants to build above and beyond the false division of Leave vs. Remain.

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